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Cinematography is about capturing motion pictures or video. It is a part of technical videography and covers all type of industrial shoots. It is an art of creating a cinematic feel in videos. Our in-house team of expert cinematographers are very creative and are efficient and effective in completion work. Cinematography is a technical aspect of videography consist of various terms like frame rate, lights, color grading, and many more. We Exprosight focus on every technical aspect and make the output beautiful. We focus on client satisfaction and time delivery of the work. Our experts use professional softwares for editing like adobe premier pro, adobe after effects and davinci resolve.

We Exprosight focus on the feel to capture any subject. We are mostly into commercial, fashion, nature and corporate photography. This is known as technical photography in which there are many rules to follow. The technicality of a photograph is all about its framing, grid points, rule of thirds or odds, scenes, subject specification, lights, colors and the story. We keep in my mind all the techniques and rules which can make a photograph perfect, while capturing. Our experts use professional softwares for editing like adobe photoshop, lightroom etc.

Our in-house team of photographers are efficient and effective and are creative in their work. We strongly focus on client satisfaction and timely delivery of the project.


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