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The time is changing. The year 2020 has brought many changes in economic terms. Due to the Covid-19 effect and the country’s lockdown, businesses in India are not in that stable form to run from the beginning with the same strategies. They also need to change their technique of dealing with the world.

Also, in the year 2020-2021 many big companies are changing their type of selling their products and services from physical to online. So, India is going more into online business making. The medium and small businesses also need to put some effort and should take a step to make a digital or online platform for their businesses too. In the digital world, I mean to say that digital marketing and digital selling are more important, and also customers are having more trust in digital products and services.

For product-related businesses, there are some good tricks that I am going to discuss today. Initially, they need some good pictures of their product so that customers can feel it just by watching them on their screens. We call it Product Photography, where some amazing pictures of the product are clicked and retouched in post-processing so that it can have a view equal to the same when customers visit the shop and hold the product in their hands. We want to make customers feel the product just by staying home and get it in their hands by just placing the order. This is possible by doing a creative and professional shoot of your products. Product photography is the most important part of any online business that want to market or sell their products on a huge platform. It is not only for big businesses only but also important for small businesses. In today’s world product photography is a very wide term that has many different aspects that should be considered while having the photoshoot of your products.

Product Photoshoot

Let’s discuss some basic things that should be kept in mind when we are having a product photoshoot and some techniques to make it just awesome. The following are the points that are used while having such type of shoots:

1.) Perfect Framing: The first-ever thing to begin a Product Shoot is to make it in perfect framing. The product placement in front of the camera should be brand-facing and correctly placed. And when we are clicking the photograph, we should keep the product in the boundaries of the screen for the impressive shot.

2.) Use of Lower Thirds: Product Shoot is all about playing with lower thirds. It simply means to divide the screen into nine segments and where there is an intersection of two lines, those points are called as best visualization points. If you kept the subject on those points, it can attract the human eye to focus on that part more clearly. The rule of lower thirds is a great tool used by many artists in their creative shoots.

3.) Use of Tripod: Some people think that a tripod is unnecessary in a product photoshoot but for the consistency in the photos you can’t take hand-held shots for a long time. Also, you need to give your photos a professional look without shaky hand images. It reduces the blur and makes high-quality product images. Therefore, the use of a tripod in such a type of photography is a good option.

4.) Lighting: The main element in the professional photoshoot is to use the best source of lighting. When we talk about the best source of lighting, it can be natural light or artificial light. Natural light is mainly used for outdoor shoots. Artificial light commercial photography needs more knowledge about lighting. Which type of light set up your product need? It can be one light or maybe four light setups. Arrangements and use of perfect lighting is the most important feature.

5.) Use of Reflectors and Diffusers: These are the best equipment to make the professional shoot better. They are best to give a royal smooth look to your products. They are used to play with the lights and can manage the harsh light and soft light. Which part of your product needs more focus? Which section needs soft reflected light and which needs the key light? These are the questions only you can answer as you know your product better.

6.) Retouching or editing: Does product shoot requires editing of images? After the production part of your photo shoot is done, the photo of your product needs a basic retouching to give it a professional royal look. Now it also depends on your product, whether you need a basic retouch to your product or you need proper editing or manipulation for an attractive look. Keep in mind that excessive editing can wash away the originality of your product and the buyers may not understand the real value. This can be the best or the risky factor of a product photoshoot.

These are some basic terms every photographer needs to know. So, the above points are the main tricks where in between the product photography lye’s. Explore our photography services to know more.

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