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Are you a fashion photographer struggling to create amazing fashion shoots? If yes, then you are in the right place. Whether you see a model on billboard or just scrolling the pages of a glamour magazine, all those pictures take hours of effort by fashion photographers. Common people can see high-end fashion straight from studios and ramps because of fashion photography.

However, nowadays it is not just limited to studios. Fashion photography has become an integral part of social media too. In this blog, I will tell you everything that you should know about fashion photography. I will also share my pro-tips which will help you slay in your fashion photography game.

Understanding Fashion Photography

It is an industry segment of photography that encompasses the fashion world. It includes covering up runways, catalog to studio shoots, modeling portfolios, and editorial shoots. It has further sections like;

  • High fashion
  • Editorial fashion
  • Look book
  • Advertising photography
  • Street fashion
  • Runway fashion
  • Catalog fashion

Recently, social media platforms like Instagram have also emerged as potential platforms of fashion photography.

Tips for Amazing Fashion Photography

Fashion photography integrates location, poses, product, clothes, makeup, expressions, background, lighting, etc. to give the final result. It is not a child’s play. The domain requires intense practice and experimental instincts. But worry not, here I am sharing a few tips which will surely upskill your fashion photography. You won’t become like Mario Testino or Helmut Newton in just one attempt with these tips, but they will surely help you, and you never know. Let’s begin!

1.) Choose Right Lighting

Never, I repeat, never create a clutter of various lighting tools. Try to work in daylight as much as possible. Also, try to use strobe or artificial light if you need extra lighting and avoid mixing light by reflectors. If you want to add more volume to your pictures, then try a 30-degree angle from the light source. Similarly, for better contrast, try a 45-degree angle. If you want to build a studio atmosphere, then opt for 1/125 shutter speed for the flash length of 1/800 sec to 1/3500 sec.

2.) Pick the right lens

Not just the right camera, but the right lenses are also important. 24 mm to 70 mm lenses are considered best for fashion photography. I advise using 35 mm and 50 mm lenses.

A 35 mm lens is perfect if you are shooting in small spaces. They provide efficient working for street photography or fashion photography. It provides a great working distance and keeps a good distance from the subject. The 50 mm lens provides images closest to human eye capture.

3.) Camera Settings

There is no one ideal camera setting. With different locations and shoot purposes, you will need to change them. I always use manual mode as it gives me more authority on the final pictures. For cloudy days, I work with aperture priority mode. It adjusts the exposure automatically, saving a lot of hassle. Also, try to shoot in RAW. This provides a great scope for further post-processing.

4.) Don’t forget to focus

I believe that accurate focus is the main ingredient for cooking the perfect dish for an amazing fashion shoot. In fashion photography, generally, the focus should be on the model. But if the shoot is about jewelry or a piece of clothing then that is your main subject in the picture and not the model.


I always feel that it is an art that portrays a vision by expressions, models, lighting, background, etc. Right lighting, accurate focus, camera settings, lighting, etc. work as the presenters of this art. But practice and experience play the most critical role.

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